About The Encampment Company

The Encampment Company is my one man denim brand started in a cabin in Wyoming and is now based in Tempe, Arizona. I make selvedge denim jeans, waxed canvas jackets, and selvedge jackets for men and I have been at it since 2015.

Before the Encampment Company

Before Encampment I rode freight trains around the United States for a while and that’s when I first started to think about making clothes. At first it was just for me but soon the obsession of sewing and making new and better things took over. When I landed back in Wyoming I began to fill a small cabin with sewing machines in need of repair.

Over the next two years I rebuilt machines and learned to pattern denim and waxed canvas jackets. Each machine came with a new purpose and each machine allowed me to expand my skills as the best machine repairman in the woods as well as a menswear manufacturer. When the room was full of machines I moved everything into town and officially launched Encampment.

Photos from travels between 2013 and 2015.