About me (Mike) and Encampment 

The Encampment Company is my two-hand denim brand that I started in a cabin in Wyoming and is now based in Tempe, Arizona. I make selvedge jeans, waxed canvas jackets, and selvedge jackets for anyone who wants one and I have been at it since 2015. I used pretty old machines and they produce seams that look different than the ones you get from a department store. 

Before the Encampment Company

Before Encampment I rode freight trains around the United States for a while and that’s when I first started to think about making clothes. At first it was just for me but soon the obsession of sewing and making new and better things took over. When I landed back in Wyoming I began to fill a small cabin with sewing machines in need of repair. 

Encampment by mike 2021

COVID was one of the hardest trials I have had to endure with the business. Sales dropped to near zero for months on end and I was saved by a few loyal customers as well as some of your tax dollars. Being able to keep the lights on while so many others could not has left me very grateful.

All of the things I make are created with a signature of process that I would not change if I could. I believe in the imperfect art of clothing manufacturing and though I try to make them perfectly, I never will. The jeans I make this year will be the same. 

Over the next two years I rebuilt machines and learned to pattern denim and waxed canvas jackets. Each machine came with a new purpose and each machine allowed me to expand my skills as the best machine repairman in the woods as well as a clothing manufacturer. When the room was full of machines I moved everything into town and officially launched Encampment.

Photos from travels between 2013 and 2015.