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Encampment waxed canvas jackets are made in-house. Water repellent heavy cotton canvas with a thick layer of Martexin wax makes for a great waxed canvas motorcycle jacket or waxed trucker jacket, The Encampment Company is proud to make a true classic chore coat with a tapered fit. Every piece is made in the USA with quality guaranteed. These jackets do not have the musty smell of some waxed jackets on the market, the fabric is very clean and unscented other than a light hint of wax that is like an unscented candle.


This style of Waxed Canvas Jacket is named the 30-13 and was the first jacket produced in the Encampment Co. shop back in Wyoming. These jackets were made to help keep the cold wind off the body while on my motorcycle so I could ride longer into the Fall season. The large front pockets were used to hold my phone without ever having to worry about it falling out, even if I laid the bike down.

In 2019 the 30-13 waxed canvas jacket got an upgrade with new pressed rivets and extra hand warming pockets behind the front patch pockets. I believe these are one the best fitting, best waxed canvas jacket made in the USA.

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“Snazzy AF”

Adriann R.

“The one jacket you totally need in your closet.”

Jacub S.




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Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 in

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