The Encampment Story

Named for the lifestyle of me and my friends when the company began.

I began this company in my mind when I saw my friend’s jacket made from scraps of fabric pulled from the dumpsters behind a duffel-bag manufacturer. I became interested and then obsessed with the methods of building clothes. The shop began in a small house in central Wyoming and graduated over time to larger shops and moved slowly across the country to Providence, Rhode Island.

I have always been interested in older sewing machines, I believe they look better and have more soul. I think other people see the same thing in the old machines that I do. There is not a right or wrong machine for most operations, and I have collected the ones that make me the most happy for my work. 

In the beginning I focused on waxed canvas and have expanded further into denim over the years, which is where my passion is. Between the old machines and the denim I have been kept very busy, and I am happy to bring you the results of that labor.  

-Michael Ranta